Princess Diana had a second (secret) wedding dress

Princess Diana had a second (secret) wedding dress
Princess Diana had a second (secret) wedding dress
The wedding dress of Princess Diana, in which she walked to the altar in July 1981, has already become part of the story. However, his legendary fate could get quite different alongside. It turns out that the bride of Prince Charles had another dress for the ceremony, but she did not even know about it on her wedding day.

Fashion designer David Emanuel, who created the famous wedding attire of the Princess of Wales, created another wedding dress with his wife Elizabeth. Designer couple came up with an additional wedding image for the princess in case the design of the main dress before the time will be declassified.

We wanted to be absolutely sure that the dress will be a surprise for everyone. We did not try on the princess a second outfit and did not even discuss it with her. It was important for us to know that we have a spare option – for our own peace of mind,
– said Emanuel.

According to him, the second wedding dress was made of the same taffeta ivory as the first. Spare dress was decorated with frills at the top, but was inferior to the first in luxury and extravagance. Princess Diana eventually went to the altar, carrying a long train behind her. Because of him, she and her father could hardly fit in the carriage. Not surprisingly, the dress was wrinkled, and this fact David Emanuel recalls with vexation.

When I saw that Diana came to St. Paul’s Cathedral in a crumpled dress, she was horrified,
The designer recalled.

Nevertheless, he does not cease to remember the dress he created, as well as about his other creations, because David Emanuel continued to dress the princess also after the wedding.

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