Prime Minister of Armenia Pashinyan officially announced the resignation

Премьер-министр Армении Пашинян официально объявил об отставке

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinian, which last week announced its intention to retire, officially announced it.

He said this in live broadcast of the Public television of the country, writes TASS.

Commenting on this situation, he wished everyone good luck in the elections and noted that the government ensures that they will be fair.

Earlier, Pashinyan has stated that he intends to retire only for the fact that in early December the country held early elections. Therefore, in an interview with Public television, he said that his resignation is a mere formality, noting simultaneously that the moment is still exciting.

Thus the opportunity to initiate a special election prescribed in the Constitution of Armenia, which says that if the Prime Minister resigns and, two weeks the deputies did not elect a new head of the cabin, the dissolution of Parliament and, therefore, the election.

Today the Armenian Parliament has four factions, and they all said they were not going to nominate candidates for the post of Prime Minister.

Note that Nikol Pashinyan has held the post since may 8, 2018. It was proposed by the faction “EFC”, which has the largest number of Ministerial portfolios in the government.

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