Presidential chance: what will happen to “Samopomich” after adventures Semenchenko in Georgia

Президентский шанс: что ждет «Самопомич» после приключений Семенченко в Грузии

Experts do not exclude that scandal with the participation of the people’s Deputy Semyon Semenchenko can be used against Andriy Sadovyi during the presidential race. They do not exclude that the party “Samopomich” can wait for political oblivion, if that is not distanciruemsa from the incident in Tbilisi.

“Got into a diplomatic scandal”

Sunday 2 December the interior Ministry of Georgia reported that Tbilisi had been detained 6 citizens of Ukraine and one citizen of Georgia who is charged with illegal purchase and possession of firearms and faces up to eight years in prison. Advisor to the President Yury Biryukov said that detainees linked to the people’s Deputy from “Samopomichi” semen Semenchenko.

“I have different kinds of contacts, and they confirmed the information that Semenchenko in Tbilisi that Semenchenko got us in a diplomatic scandal that Semenchenko was framed by his people and at the last moment ran away,” – wrote Biryukov in Facebook.

Advisor to the President expressed the opinion that the Georgian foreign Ministry will make the claim, because the MP “was in Georgia according to official documents, as the representative of the government of Ukraine.”

Later he Semenchenko in his video in Facebook called the names of the detainees and said that some of them participated in the fighting in the East of Ukraine in the battalion “Donbass” (created in mid-April, 2014 under the direction of Semyon Semenchenko, who declared himself its commander).

Semenchenko said that the Ukrainian citizens had not intended to participate in any political actions, and the weapon was planted. “This is a provocation on the part of those people who want the local opposition was not peaceful,” he said.

Note that on Sunday in Tbilisi was held a mass protest against the results of presidential elections, which were won by supported the current government, Salome Zurabishvili. In contrast, the rally on the streets also came those who advocated the current government and a new President.

“The Ministry of internal Affairs and state security Service determines, involved whether the detainees are citizens of Ukraine and Georgia in the current political processes in the country”, – noted in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia.

The special operation took place in hotels “Gurus” and “Alliance” in Tbilisi. The detainees, according to Georgian police seized weapons – pistols “Makarov” and “Beretta”, automatic firearms, and ammunition.

Semenchenko claims that he came to Georgia as an observer to the polls on 28 November with his wife and settled in a different hotel. And his former subordinates came to Georgia to meet “with their military colleagues, who fought for Ukraine”.

Expert Andrey Golovachev believes that this history casts a shadow on the party “Samopomich”, Deputy of which is semen Semenchenko.

“If the Garden and all Samopomich now decisively will not lay Semenchenko, ahead of all of them waiting for political oblivion. Have Samopomichi a few days during which it can either exercise capacity and the will to live, or to sign in his own impotence and just wait for the political death,” he wrote in Facebook.

Trail of Saakashvili

Andrey Golovachev said: “Georgian Saakashvili’s adventure – Semenchenko made both supertoxic figures, which should immediately drop to preserve the chances for a political future,” advises from party leadership “Samopomichi”.

Note that on the protests in connection with the election of President, Salome Zurabishvili protesters brought to the streets by the defeated opposition candidate Grigol Vashadze, and his godfather and ally, former President Mikheil Saakashvili is out with the protesters to communicate via Skype.

Saakashvili denies any involvement Semenchenko and his comrades to protest. However, on Tuesday 4 December, the representatives of the “movement new forces,” Saakashvili joined the activists of the organization “movement Vyzvalenne” (it is led by MP from the “Samopomich” Yegor Sobolev active participation of Seeds Semenchenko) and held a rally near the building of Georgia’s Embassy in Kyiv demanding to release Ukrainian citizens. They brought pictures of the detainees in Georgia, including, in particular, former fighters of the volunteer battalion “Donbass”.

The leader of “Samopomich” Andriy Sadovy is in no hurry with the review. Although it should be noted that the Garden promises after winning the presidential elections to regain Ukrainian citizenship to Mikhail Saakashvili. They say it will be one of the first of his political decisions in office. This Garden was said at the Lviv security forum, held on 24-26 October.

In September last year the Garden was hosted by Mikheil Saakashvili, when he illegally crossed the Ukrainian border. Then the Garden called the possible creation of a political Union with Saakashvili. But then the events developed in such a way that Saakashvili were expelled from Ukraine and sent to Poland on 12 February 2018.

As we know, Andriy Sadovyi States that will participate in the presidential elections in 2019, and the new mayoral term will not go. However, he occupies the 9th place ranking. According to the survey Center “Social monitoring” Ukrainian Institute of sociological research, Kyiv international Institute of sociology group “Rating”, if presidential elections were held in November, only 2.5% of Ukrainians would vote for the leader of the party “Samopomich”.

We will remind, in the top three today are the leader of “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko (13.4 per cent), showman Vladimir Zelensky (7.6%) and the current President Petro Poroshenko (7%).

Experts do not exclude that the current situation with the people’s Deputy Semyon Semenchenko can be used against Andriy Sadovyi during the presidential race. Earlier, the political scientist Dmitry Korneychuk noted that “Samopomich” has been the cohesive force solely ahead of the 2014 elections, when it was invested oligarchs and it was deliberately brought to the Parliament as a new political force.

18 February 2016, the party “Samopomich” has announced its withdrawal from the parliamentary coalition.

Then by coincidence in Lviv, which is the mayor the leader of the “Samopomichi” Andriy Sadovyi, broke the garbage crisis. After a major fire at the city dump in may 2016 Lviv authorities tried to take out the trash in other regions of Ukraine.

In September of this year, the parliamentary faction of “Association “Samopomich” in Kyiv city Council decided to disband. Deputies Serhiy gusovsky, Aleksey Rudenko, Sergey Kharchuk and Vadim Vasilchuk excluded from “Samopomichi” for “causing significant damage to the reputation of political forces.”

Then the experts started talking about that party project went into decline. Dmitry Korneychuk noted: “to Say that “Samopomich” monolithic power has long been impossible, there are no financiers, no unity”.

Now the situation has worsened. Andrey Golovachev concludes: “Not the fact that distancing from the adventurer Semenchenko save Samopomich, but if it does not, as a political force and she quickly disappears. For the Garden is the moment of truth. Or – or”.

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