Potap became the blonde and tried on the red dress (VIDEO)

Потап стал блондинкой и примерил красное платье (ВИДЕО)

The famous Ukrainian producer of Ukrainian producer, author and performer of songs Alex Potapenko (Potapov) in the short video, published on his page in Instagram, appeared in a very unusual manner.

About it writes Today.

The artist is dressed in a red dress and wig. Video – a promo video of the new hit group MOZGI “Polyube”.

“Waiting for the premiere of the clip ))) I’d like to see”, “Cool”, “Well burn, of course) as always”, “Suddenly”, “Damn, as always, went into the lead. Cool you are a very positive person”, “is not a song, then hit”, “it’s Hard not to know Brolin, Mroo”, “God! Alex in a dress! This is officially the best thing I saw today”, “It’s a new hit, polyube,” wrote fans Potap in the comments.

Earlier Potap gently hugged her to birthday Osadchaya.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Does, polirani Oleksii Potapenko (@realpotap) 17 GOV 2018 R. 5:57 PDT

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