Portugal coach Fernando Santos: makes Me sad players, too, but that’s football

Coach Portugal football Fernando Santos shared his impressions after the 1/8 finals of the 2018 world Cup against Uruguay (1:2).

“We know that Portugal suffered for us so many people so upset that we could not go further. Makes me sad players, too, but that’s football. I would, of course, to win, even playing less efficiently. Thank you all for what they did. In the second half, I think Portugal looked good, wanted to win and tried your best. But now it remains only to congratulate uruguayska team.

The national team of Uruguay. I can’t say. We knew they were very good against Russia, which they play in midfield. We tried to act on the flanks, and in the second half, it worked well. There were moments when there was a chance to score, but failed.

I think we had a good game. Don’t want to go into detail and comment on the refereeing. It is not our business already. I believe that we were right.

Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani are very strong in the game for the team, they were okay and scored an unusual first goal. We were not prepared for such movements. They are versatile and very good players. We, admittedly, was not ready for this” – quoted by Fernando Santos official website of FIFA.

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