Portugal appear the Day of memory of victims of the Inquisition – news ZIK.UA

У Португалії з’явиться День пам’яті жертв інквізиції – новини ZIK.UA

The Portuguese government approved the establishment of Day of memory of victims of the Inquisition. The initiator of this step was the movement Reconectar.

About it reports the UNIAN with reference to Israeli media.

Reconectar looking for descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jews who can obtain citizenship of Spain or Portugal, if you have “relevant” sephardische name. About 5 thousand people have already benefited from this right and another 12 thousand waiting for their turn.

In 1492, when Spain began the expulsion of the Jews many of them fled to Portugal. As it turned out, it was not the best solution. In 1496, the country had banned the confession of Judaism, and in 1531 established the Holy Inquisition. The arrests began the “new Christians”, Jews who were baptized under threat of death. The Inquisition also operated in the Portuguese colonies. Until 1821, Portugal was burned 1,500 people, not counting those who died due to torture.

According to the Jewish news Agency JTA, remembrance day, obviously, will be appointed to 31 March. On this day, Portuguese Inquisition officially ceased to exist.

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