Poroshenko and PF did nothing to raise the status of St. Andrew’s Church – MP

Порошенко и НФ ничего не сделали для того, чтобы повысить статус Андреевской церкви – депутат

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and “popular Front” did nothing to raise the status of St. Andrew’s Church, which remains the eternal candidate for the reminder of UNESCO.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Igor Lutsenko.

“Poroshenko, who oversees diplomatic direction, and similarly NF, which oversees the direction of the culture, nothing was done to St. Andrew’s Church to raise in status, to protect and so forth,” – said the Deputy.

According to I. Lutsenko, today the Church remains the eternal candidate for the UNESCO memo, although in principle its parameters it is perfect for this.

“Do something, because this Commission, UNESCO, the foreign Ministry is not even aware of what she should do. There’s just people who don’t know that they should take Andrew’s Church, St. Sophia Cathedral, Lavra and so on,” he said.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in General the presidential bill No. 9208, which approved the transfer of St. Andrew’s Church to the Ecumenical Patriarchate to hold services, religious rites, ceremonies and processions. The building itself will remain in state ownership.

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