Ponomarev: the Attack on the violin is a crime against British statesman – news ZIK.UA

Пономарьов: Замах на Скрипаля – це злочин вже проти британського державного діяча – новини ZIK.UA

According to all the rules of intelligence, the Violinist was immune from what he did in the past. Therefore, perhaps the attempt on his life happened in the present case.

This broadcast of information-analytical project “the First about the main thing. Comments” said the Deputy of the state Duma of Russia in the 2007-2016 years Ilya Ponomarev.

“Between Litvinenko and the Violinist is the difference. It is important to know to understand the difference in the reaction of great Britain,” – emphasizes Ilya Ponomarev.

He stressed that from the point of view of England and the West, the Violinist is their agent.

“The violinist was indeed recruited by the Russian intelligence worker, who moved to the other side. In Russia he was in prison. However, at some point it in a legitimate way, exchanged for a similar single Russian scouts. All the concepts of special services in this situation, he gets immunity from what we did before. Therefore, the attempt at it really looks like a crime against the British statesman,” – explains the expert.

Alexander Litvinenko was a spiritual man, says the Deputy of the state Duma of Russia in the 2007-2016 years.

“He deliberately disclosed information that the murder of Boris Berezovsky was ordered. He deliberately left political challenge to the Russian system, secretly went to the West and was under the protection of private structures Berezovsky,” – said Ilya Ponomarev.

In addition, the former Deputy Ponomarev admits that for a long time had problems to get a visa to the UK.

“I explained that once on her territory, no one can guarantee safety. I guess I could become a target for Russian intelligence services”, – says Ilya Ponomarev.

Probably an attempt on the life of the Violinist is not connected with what he had done before, and with the present things, says the former Deputy of the state Duma.

“Otherwise, the situation not only makes no sense, but goes against all the rules” – emphasizes Ilya Ponomarev.

In addition, the former Deputy conditionally divides Russians who want to go to the UK in two categories.

“There are those who stole, and then go to legalize funds abroad. They are interesting Kingdom, it’s money. Now, under the pressure of society, people check. However, in such a way to leave Finance in the country, and the Russians from the country to eliminate” – said the expert.

However, the political emigration of the United Kingdom fully supported, said the former MP.

“London didn’t turn anybody in, the doors were open. Then he wondered how to ensure human security. According to conservative estimates, over the last ten years, about ten opponents of Putin have been killed in the UK,” – said Ilya Ponomarev.

By the way, recall that in Russia announced plans to publish the correspondence with Britain, which, ostensibly, should that London knew about the threat to life of ex-FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko, and lies in the case of Boris Berezovsky.

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