Polish courts overturned the bans on the March of nationalists in Warsaw and Wroclaw – news ZIK.UA

Польські суди скасували заборони на марші націоналістів у Варшаві та Вроцлаві – новини ZIK.UA

The Warsaw district court reversed the ban of the mayor of the Polish capital Hanna Roncevic-waltz to host the Sunday of the March of independence, which can be arranged, in particular, the Polish nationalists.

This was reported by “Polish radio”.

The Warsaw district court reversed the ban of the mayor of Warsaw at the March of independence, which carried nationalist and radical circles and organizations. The decision of Anna Roncevic-waltz, which she accepted on Wednesday, November 7, challenged the society “March of independence”, which organizes the course. The court’s decision adopted in open session with the participation of the parties to the process.

Judge Michal Jakubowski noted that the authorities of Warsaw had no right to prohibit cyclic of the West, which last year allowed masoli Governor. He also stressed that the right of Assembly guaranteed by the Constitution of RP and recalled the verdict of the Supreme court of Poland, which recognized that the decision on the ban of Assembly is possible only after detailed examination of the case. It must also include detailed justification, which in the opinion of the judges was not. The judge also noted that “to call the 60 thousand participants of the annual March of independence by the Nazis is a gross abuse”.

A March organized by nationalist and radical organizations must pass on Sunday in the center of the capital of Poland. Banning is scheduled for November 11 independence March said during a press conference Wednesday, the mayor of Warsaw Anna Roncevic-waltz, justifying its decision, in particular, on security grounds.

In addition, on Thursday, 8 November, also the wrocław regional court quashed the ban of the mayor of Wroclaw Rafal both Adam D. on the March for independent Poland. Gait, which is also organized nationalist circles, will be held on Sunday in the center of the capital of Lower Silesia.

On Tuesday, the mayor of Wroclaw Rafal Dutkevich banned a March organized by nationalist circles, in particular the former priest Jacek Mendler, known for its ultraprivate of views, as well as Peter the Fisherman, which in 2015 was convicted of burning in the center city doll, symbolizing the Jew.

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