Poland is not going to withdraw from the EU, – the head of the ruling party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski – news ZIK.UA

Польща не збирається виходити з ЄС, – глава правлячої партії Ярослав Качинський – новини ZIK.UA

In Poland the ruling conservative coalition is not going to bring the country out of the EU. This kind of gossip spreads the opposition for propaganda motives.

This was stated in an interview with Polsat News the leader of the ruling party “law and Justice” (PiS) Jaroslaw Kaczynski, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“We have been Pro-European, that is, supported membership in the EU, and remain so now,” said Kaczynski, adding that in this matter the PiS have not changed my opinion.

He stressed that this subject is constantly used by the opposition with the purpose of propaganda.

Kaczynski stressed that the submission of the Prosecutor General of Poland – Minister of justice Zbigniew Zyobro in the country’s constitutional court declared unconstitutional the provisions in the EU Treaty regarding the possibility for national courts to refer questions to the European court does not consider anti-European action or a step in the direction Polexit.

According to him, this is the fulfillment of the Prosecutor General of the country of their authority. The leader of PiS added that such issues have been repeatedly considered and the German constitutional court.

According to the Eurobarometr survey, 87% of poles in September expressed the opinion that EU membership is beneficial for Poland.

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