Petrosyan and Stepanenko for the first time commented on the divorce

Петросян и Степаненко впервые прокомментировали развод

Yevgeny Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko asked not to turn their private life into national scandal. So the couple for the first time commented about his possible breakup.

About the further plans for life actors, said in an interview with the press, the

Stepanenko said that he sees nothing wrong with divorce and division of property. Petrosyan, in turn, said that he hoped to maintain friendly and working relationship with the current spouse even after the divorce process.

“Every person in life something happens. Here we are with Eugene Vaganovich was a divorce. Well, this is everyday business, so, well, it happened. Everything will be on the court. As the court will say, so be it,” explained his point of view of the Joker.

“I hope that we will come to terms and mutually beneficial resolution of this issue. I’d love to maintain good relations in the future, because creative interplay of the perennial need to preserve as artistic value of some kind”, – in turn, noted humorist.

Recall, the divorce Petrosyan and Stepanenko became known in early August. Comedian filed against her husband a suit, demanding from him for about 80 percent of jointly acquired property. Petrossian filed a counterclaim in which he asked the court to give him half ownership.

On 7 August, the property arrested to the artists were unable to sell before the end of the trials.

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