Personal experience: how I lost 25 kilograms and learned to love my body

Personal experience: how I lost 25 kilograms and learned to love my body
Personal experience: how I lost 25 kilograms and learned to love my body
TV presenter, artist and co-author of the project # Romanovs100 Anna Fedorova does not photoshop her images in Instagram, quite the opposite: she frankly shares with subscribers the history of her conscious weight loss. Three years ago, when Ana was 30 years old, she gave birth to the beautiful daughter of Cyrus, the pregnancy left the young mother almost 30 new kilograms that prevented healthy and active Ana to lead a familiar life. For a year she lost all the extra pounds, and then again she scored seven. Now Fedorova has learned to listen to her body, take care of him, and most importantly – to love.

I was never “thin and belly”, but I liked how I look between S and M. Tight and athletic: height of 170 centimeters, weight 65 kilos. She ate normally, practiced normally, slept well and worked very hard. And then she became pregnant.

I was so dreaming of being a sweet yoga mom, as shown in Instagram, – a leggy beauty in leggings, bracelets and with a ball in front. What there! I was forbidden to move on pain of losing a child for all nine months. And I lay down. Lying is very boring. I began to eat, seizing the most terrible toxicosis at 17 weeks long (this is like a very bad hangover, which lasts around the clock for several months). At some point, for example, I found that nausea recedes from sweet soda … If to be brief, I recovered by 30 kilograms. THIRTY. The figure on the scales was approaching a hundred. And it was not heavy muscles, and light fat – a lot of light fat.

Anna with her daughter

I remember looking with longing for my “dobirennuyu” mini-skirt A.P.C., which now nalezala me only one hip. All old clothes seemed doll-like: I was in despair giving out some cashmere sweaters, dresses … I thought I would never get into them already. She wore leggings and hoodies in sheepskin coats. Error, of course. In any weight you can look great, although my experience has shown me that a great body is much more expensive to dress up. But how magnificent my friends look who can do it!

Immediately after the birth, life began to improve, I felt better, there were at least some forces – I learned to walk anew. Tried to run and realized that I would destroy my knees. It was almost impossible to do yoga, the simplest poses with such weight were given with a titanic work. It became clear that before the training you will need to lose weight, to be on a diet. I hate diets! I do not believe in them!

Why do not I believe in diets? Because they do not give long-term results, they hurt, there can be disorders – both psychological and physical. I began to study the power supply systems and remote practices of power adjustments. I found a suitable system for me, signed up, paid and started. I thought I knew everything: sweet and flour – evil, whole grains and avocados – good. It turned out that not quite … In my case, when there was an extreme weight loss (we are talking about 25 kilograms), the daily portion of avocado is half of the avocado. Portion of nuts – four walnuts a day. And so on – to infinity.

All the products that I considered useful (bread, protein bars, fat-free yogurt) turned out to be wolves in sheep’s skins. The biggest discovery for me was the interval: to achieve results, it is necessary to keep a small interval between meals, not to starve. But every technique should be balanced: here is my protein, here are my fats (yes, nowhere without them!), Here is my carbohydrate (hello, kinoa and buckwheat, until, white rice, pasta and white bread). When eating a balanced meal, it’s better to eat up, there’s no danger of being thrown on the refrigerator in the night.

Alcohol had to be excluded: it detains water, it has a lot of sugar, it interferes with training. But the coolest thing about caring for the body is that you start feeling so fast that you are getting strength from useful food and training that you do not want to interfere with alcohol and cigarettes.

I’m such a fine fellow now, I’m talking about love for myself and a body kit, and then, three years ago, I was insanely embarrassed about my new body because of my leading profession. When I did the stories and went on the air, colleagues said that I “very new cheeks are coming.” I knew that behind speak another. Including this situation helped me to understand my attitude to myself through my work, which I had been doing for more than ten years. My eyes opened to my narcissism.

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