People’s artist of Ukraine “threw” the organizers of the concert in Lviv

Народную артистку Украины «кинули» организаторы концерта во Львове

Kateryna buzhynska caught in the trap of speculators Yesterday’s concert in Lviv the people’s artist of Ukraine could not take place.

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And it is absolutely not that the fans didn’t buy tickets to the concert.

On the contrary, fans were looking forward to performances of the beloved singer.

But, as it became known Scotch, specified on the poster, fans refused to let in the Lviv circus, where he was to begin a concert artist.

Although Kateryna buzhynska was ready to go on stage and entertain fans with his hits, doors of the circus were closed and people with tickets flowers in their hands were left standing on the street in complete bewilderment.

As it turned out the reason for this behavior of the leadership of the Lviv circus was that the organizers of the concert failed to pay the rent premises and equipment under the contract.

After a long debate with the leadership of the circus, people’s artist of Ukraine had to reach out to people and explain the situation.

“My team and I were ready to the last statement and found out that nothing paid. To say that it’s a shock – to say nothing. So I decided to reach out to people and clarify the situation” – said the actress on his page in the social network.

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