“People with dual citizenship are not Patriotic” – said Gritsenko and was appointed head of the headquarters of the Austro-Ukrainian.

«Люди с двойным гражданством не патриоты» - заявил Гриценко и назначил главой cвоего штаба австро-украинца Балогу   

The Presidential candidate of Ukraine Anatoliy Gritsenko, a staunch opponent of dual citizenship. In his public statements, he stresses that the second citizenship is not only a violation of the Constitution, but also a demonstration of pseudo-patriotism.

Here’s part of one of these statements published on his personal website: http://grytsenko.com.ua/news/view-ljudy-z-podviynym-hromadjanstvom-ne-povynni-obiymaty-vysoki-derzhavni-posady-hrytsenko.html

“I only have one passport – the Ukrainian. And I’m not looking for any alternate aerodromes. Moreover, when the party “Civic position” was in the parliamentary elections, we asked this requirement, although formally, the CEC did not require it, and all our candidates in autobiographies wrote: “a Citizen of Ukraine. Citizenship of another state does not have” and sealed it with a signature. Why? Because it is a requirement of the Constitution. If you want to work in the highest legislative body – give example of the rule of law. There is another solution, another Constitution will be another life,” – said the politician.

The ex-Minister of defence noted that, despite the requirement of the Constitution of Ukraine regarding a single citizenship, while there are many examples of Ukrainian citizens have passports of other countries: Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Israeli, etc. It is called dual citizenship “alternate aerodrome” for those who do not associate their future with Ukraine, or can implement themselves, especially for business people, the politicians who “go somewhere on the verge or over the line of the law.” According to Gritsenko, such people need to limit the possibility to occupy certain state posts”.

But it seems that the rhetoric Gritsenko destined to change in the near future. The recently appointed his chief of staff Viktor Baloga has at least Austrian citizenship. At least because Balogh is known for its close relations with the Hungarians, the official government which is actively handing out passports to residents of the Transcarpathian region – patrimony Baloga, that does not preclude the presence of another and Hungarian citizenship.

About the presence of Austrian passports Baloga said the current head of the Transcarpathian regional administration Gennady Moskal:

“While working in the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko Baloga almost every week flying to Austria, bought on the outskirts of Vienna a bunch of real estate and secretly got the Austrian citizenship. This fact has long been known among the political elite of Transcarpathia, but documentary evidence we have received only recently. Published a scanned copy of the document now, because they can be authenticated through diplomatic institutions. On the passport clearly shows photo, date of birth, place (village of Zavidovo, Mukachevo district) and signed Baloga.

When making the Austrian citizenship he was introduced before his name the particle “de” that are supposed to testify about his noble origins. And now Balogh, coming in Zavidovo, after every meal, shows his fellow villagers Austrian passport with the name de Baloga and requires to refer to themselves not only as “Monsieur”.

Moskal has addressed this issue to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko. At the same time, the President proposed the Parliament to determine the voluntary acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship of a foreign state a ground for deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship.

That Balogh manages the headquarters Gritsenko reported by the UE. Read more here: https://www.pravda.com.ua/articles/2018/09/12/7191765/

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