People in the U.S. have startled a huge black ring in the sky (VIDEO)

Жителей США напугало огромное черное кольцо в небе (ВИДЕО)

Witnesses captured in the sky over the American city Kouts unusual UFO.

About it writes portal kapital-rus.

The black ring slowly floated in the sky, and then slowly dispersed into smoke. Mystical black rings repeatedly observed in many countries of the world. They appear out of nowhere above the ground, for some time floating in the sky, and then disappear. Black ring UFO can reach up to several hundred meters in diameter.

Some believe that they are portals to other dimensions, others say it’s the result of a natural phenomenon. There is also a version that the exhaust left in the sky invisible aircraft aliens.

But, according to experts, it’s just a rotating ring of smoke, caused by a sharp exhaust from a cylindrical object, for example, pipe of any industrial enterprise.

Earlier in Antarctica crashed UFO.

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