Pension reform legalized robbery of Ukrainians – expert

Пенсионная реформа легализировала грабеж украинцев – эксперт

In 2019, the minimum pension will grow, as pension reform legalized robbery pensioners.

Comments about this ГолосUA, said an expert on social Affairs Andrey Pavlovsky.

“Now we have the minimum pension to the subsistence level – 1435 UAH. December 1, seniors and disabled citizens will receive at 62., amounting to UAH 1497. If you count hard currency, the government throws pensioners € 2. Of it as a huge achievement stated in the government of Vladimir Groisman. But when you consider the level of inflation and the increase from 1 November the price of gas by 23%, this increase did not save retirees. Allowance so meager that the majority of pensioners won’t even notice. However, the Ministry of social policy has considered the actual cost of living. According to the latest data, the actual subsistence minimum for persons who lost working capacity, that is, for pensioners, is 2766 hryvnia. That is, it is almost two times higher than the subsistence minimum for pensioners, which came into force on 1 December”, – A. Pavlovsky told.

According to the expert, if the government Groisman has not stopped the indexation of pensions, the minimum pension amounted to more than 3000 UAH. The average pension in the country amounted to 5,500 hryvnia.

“At the moment we have the actual figures in half. Pension reform legalized robbery pensioners. In 2019, the minimum pension will not rise, will remain at 1497 hryvnia. Only from July 1 to raise the retirement to 67 USD. Until the end of 2019, the pension will amount to 1564 of the hryvnia. Of course, such an increase in pensions will not save the pensioners from inflation,” said A. Pavlovsky.

Recall that in Ukraine is expected to increase to pensions in three stages. The first was in December (due to indexation). The next day all Ukrainians in retirement will have to receive no less than UAH 1497 (is 62 UAH more than the current minimal salary). If the payout is less, then it will increase.

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