One – zero in favor of Beijing: why the US is losing to China “trade war”

Один – ноль в пользу Пекина: почему США проигрывают Китаю в «торговой войне»

On Tuesday, August 7, a number of Western analytical publications noted a sharp decline in the price of securities of major American and transatlantic corporations. Experts predicted serious financial problems, even those producers in the territory from North Dakota to Florida, which occupied a strong position on international markets, while relatively small firms and mining companies predicted bankruptcy.

This situation is made possible by the introduction of Beijing’s so-called “mirror” sanctions against goods from the United States. Figuratively speaking, Beijing accepted the challenge of Washington, at one time declared China’s “trade war”. It seems that in the first battles of this war China wins a triumphant victory.

This was not expecting anyone. A few days ago, in response to the lifting of Washington’s tariffs on imported into the United States Chinese products, China has imposed an additional “tribute” about 85% of goods coming into China from the United States. Even considering the fact that the notorious Beijing “mirror response” turned out to be far from equal (America attacks China blow a total of $200 billion, China America $60 billion), the White House is not alarmed at the joke.

First the situation responded to us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Being a relatively savvy politician, he immediately offered to President Donald Trump immediately to meet with the head of China XI Jinping and negotiate if not the complete abolition of the relevant fees, then at least their sharp decline. Proposal Pompeo was reduced to the main point – at the moment, America cannot afford to lose the Chinese market and thus to derail a private exchange: rumor has it, even the Secretary of state intended to consult Chinese Vice-Premier Han Janam. But the American President with the filing of his advisors chose to keep quiet. “Our goal is to protect their own producers and their own markets,” he calmly said in numerous comments on social networks. And, as if incidentally, adds that the “trade war” China is not smaller losses: America, they say, simply “puts Beijing on the spot.”

However, “to put Beijing on the spot” Trump associates is clearly not possible. “The fact is that the economy of the people’s Republic of China as a rapidly developing and extremely effective mechanism that is not tied exclusively to American exports, said in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA European Explorer Janis Papadakis. Now, after the first “call” from the White House, China is actively strengthening economic ties with the European Union and the Russian Federation with the countries of Latin America and the Middle East. There is no doubt that in the foreseeable future the world will witness the creation of new conglomerates that would stand that of China”.

And in this statement there is a lot of truth. Today, China is a member of such organizations as the SCO (Shanghai cooperation organization), BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and several other structures. According to some, he intensificare their work in these projects. In addition, it is assumed that China will do the signing of billions of dollars of contracts with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Qatar. “Thus, we can assume that the damage from a trade war with America to China will be minimal,” concluded Ya Papadakis.

What can be said about the United States. Since mid-July this year, the United States is in a state of permanent “trade war” with the European Union. “Mirror measures” imposed by Brussels in response to the increase in duties on European goods, led to serious financial problems at dozens of U.S. firms. In addition, virtually ignoring the sanctions of the White House, the EU has negotiated dozens of favorable contracts with Iran. “Washington cannot fight on two fronts, – stated in the comments for ГолосUA American political commentator Jeremy Peters. – Starting a “trade war”, team trump is catastrophically losing partners and harm primarily the national interests of America itself. But now it seems our President to understand this just isn’t”.

It is curious that on the eve of Chinese leader XI Jinping rather pointedly said that his country is not interested in escalation of tension and ready to listen to the American arguments in this context. In other words, Beijing is still able to “forgive United States.” To claim such China can afford until the account “trade war” one – zero. In his favor.

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