On the moon dropped a giant asteroid news ZIK.UA

A few days ago there is an amazing video made by a resident of the canadian province of Saskatchewan. When the man, whose name was not specified, was walking down the street in the daytime, they saw a strange object. First, the canadian took it for a UFO, but later realized that the sky was flying an asteroid.

About it report “news of the world”.

На Місяць впав гігантський астероїд – новини ZIK.UA

The man managed to remove what happened to the camera of your smartphone. The video is so incredible that many netizens found it for a fake, not to mention scientists. However, there were people who believed the author of the video.

According to them, in life can be the most incredible things. Orthodox scientists believe that the fall of such a large body would lead to a real catastrophe. Moreover, influenced not only Selenium, but also on the Earth, since the Moon is associated with our planet. We have already had. Consequently, no asteroid did not fall.

Other theorists said that the regular planets and celestial bodies are subjected to bombardment by comets and asteroids. A month earlier endured a similar process, this time was no exception.

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