On the coast of Australia threw away a strange lump (PHOTO)

На берег Австралии выбросило странный комок (ФОТО)

A strange discovery was made on the banks of Perth (Australia). On the third of August a local resident by the name of Amanda went to the beach, suddenly they saw on the sand a strange creature resembling a large potato or a ball.

How to write news of the planet, the woman touched the object, but nothing happened.

Length of the findings was 15 cm, the skin was like the skin of a shark. Amanda’s father suggested that on the shore threw a whale ambergris, used to make perfumes. Guess in the end, was not confirmed: amber flowed when she plunged a hot needle, but I should have.

Amanda posted a photo on the Internet to web users suggested the woman the object. Unfortunately, even scientists are unable to give a clear answer. Experts said that the banks could be inside a sea urchin or some kind of creature from species of tunicates.

The question of the origin of discoveries remains open.

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