Offer MPs be allowed to drive a car without license and the passport is fake – expert

Предложение нардепов позволить водить авто без удостоверения и паспорта является фейковым - эксперт

Initiatives to change the SDA in the Parliament is now more than enough. One has only to recall the initiative, which for not wearing a seat belt want to charge fines of up to 850 hryvnia.

This commentary, ГолосUA expert of the public campaign “Euro-Patrol” Vyacheslav Konovalov.

“Also want not to assign the rights of the inspectors to hand, which is a controversial norm. That is, such projects are not in the Parliament that dozens, their hundreds, if not thousands of different variations. Suffice it to recall the situation with the “everblame”, when just last year, there were 23 version of the bill, how to solve the problem “eurobserv”. Now they are 30 and they were United in one, in which 91 version of the amendments which hung his consideration, which was moved to October-November,” – said the expert.

According to him, in respect of the offer from Mustafa Nayem, clearly say the name or number of the registration certificate, which the inspector will check the database, of course you can do. But, this will only work in a situation where there is mutual trust and it can work in the West, but not us.

“Because we have too many corrupt schemes, moreover there is such scheme, as “doubles”. So, in Kiev more than a dozen times caught the gang of companies that took on GAI database number, color of car, etc. and have produced dual number. Then went on these cars as you like. Accordingly, such a car makes an accident, and the owner of the same, similar cars, such as BMW, black in color, relatively speaking, neither sleep nor spirit, and did at that time is in a different region. Then come to him and charged, and in this case to work? Therefore, the initiative from the Deputy M. Nayem you can call it fake, it was created in order to divert attention. After all, when you can’t understand the situation with the “everblame”, it is necessary to launch as many beautiful initiatives and show how they work well with drivers”, – said Konovalov.

Previously, a number of deputies proposed to abolish the need for drivers to carry driving license, registration certificate and insurance. The initiator of the bill No. 9105 was made by the Deputy from BPP Mustafa Nayem.

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