Off the coast of Norway faced a NATO frigate and a tanker. There are victims – news ZIK.UA

Біля берегів Норвегії зіткнулися натівський фрегат і танкер. Є постраждалі – новини ZIK.UA

Off the coast of the Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad, who was returning from the NATO exercises Trident Juncture, collided with a tanker Sola TS.

As reports NRK with reference to the rescuers, the incident injured seven people, reports “New time”.

The collision occurred in the municipality of Agarden. According to rescuers, a frigate with 137 people on Board lost control and began to drift to the shore. The ship was ten people, the rest evacuated.

On Board the tanker are 23 persons, to their life threatens nothing.

The threat of flooding of the ship there.

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