Off the coast of California found the sunken Atlantis (VIDEO)

У берегов Калифорнии обнаружили затонувшую Атлантиду (ВИДЕО)

One expert believes may have found the remains of an ancient city off the coast of California in the United States.

Youtube-conspirator MrMBB333 combed Google Earth and found a strange bulge on the sea bottom at a depth of 27 meters underwater, about 2.4 km from the shores of long beach in Los Angeles. Sharing the opening with your followers, it indicates that, in his opinion, is a “fence” of the sunken city and a gateway for the local inhabitants.

He claims that the wall was a fairly common way to protect cities in the past, including the Italian capital Rome in 275 BC

The length of the “city”, found in Google Earth, is approximately 2.4 km and width is 1.6 km away.

An unusual video has received more than 40,000 hits since boot this week (26 November).

Some claim that strange structure on the bottom can be underwater military base. Skeptics wrote that it is a device that creates concrete. However, most of the audience completely baffled as to how such structuralized to remain a secret in 2018.

“We’re going to Mars to explore it, but have no idea what is in one and a half miles from the California coast?” – outraged one of the commentators.

“Divers, come and explore — we need answers, not rumors,” added another.

Earlier in the waters of Antarctica 18 years of sailing a giant ice “coffin”.

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