Obama will launch his series on Netflix

Obama will launch his series on Netflix
Obama will launch his series on Netflix
Former President Barack Obama is negotiating with Netflix to create its own multi-series show that will inspire citizens, the New York Times reports, citing sources close to the issue.

Under the terms of the deal, Netflix will pay Obama’s family for exclusive content, based on which the new series will be removed, available only in streaming mode.

As far as we know, the former president does not plan to use television in response to Donald Trump’s media presence, or to discuss political criticism. Instead, the series should become a source of inspiration, – the newspaper reports. At the same time, the show will become another way of interaction between the former leader of the country and a wide audience, in addition to social networks, where millions of people still follow him.

“The President and Mrs. Obama have always believed in the power of stories that inspire,” said Eric Schultz, senior adviser to the former president on Thursday. “Throughout life, they have collected stories of people who, through their efforts, have made the world a little better.”

Netflix has so far refused to comment on these messages. The amount of the transaction is also not specified.

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