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Жодних будинків та автівок: Китай закликає припинити дарувати дорогі весільні подарунки – новини ZIK.UA

The Chinese government decided to reform the wedding industry, calling to refrain from giving valuable gifts.

The Ministry of civil Affairs called for an end to “dirty wedding practices,” such as giving expensive wedding gifts, the elegant holding of ceremonies and the payment of high bride price, reports the Guardian.

During the conference, devoted to wedding reform, the Ministry representatives stated that the wedding should reflect the values and goals of the country. Officials called the existing practice of wedding a reflection of “the thriving cult of money”.

These changes are more aimed at rural areas where the cost of a wedding has increased over the last two decades. Officials say that the local committees, who run the weddings and funerals in rural areas, will be encouraged to stick to a certain wedding etiquette.

After decades of tight control over population, which led to the fact that men are 30 million more than women, the demand for women is much greater, which in turn increases the amount of bride price.

The price of brides in rural areas often exceed ten times the annual income of those who pay. The bride’s family may require not just cash, jewelry, cars, homes and the like.

The price of the bride, important for the status of both families can be very specific. In Shandong province in 2016 family brides demanded gold cilicica, gold necklace, house, car and 150 050 yuan ($ 21 500) paid specific bills.

Local authorities for many years trying to keep prices and the cost of the wedding. This year, starting with December, in the province of Qinghai, where prices for brides could be more than 100,000 yuan, the authorities introduced the maximum limit of the ransom of 60,000 yuan.

The English translation of Oksana Vergeles, IA ZIK

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