New Zealand airline made fun of the trump in its advertising (VIDEO)

Новозеландская авиакомпания высмеяла Трампа в своей рекламе (ВИДЕО)

Air New Zealand has released a Christmas ad campaign, in which the sly made fun of the President of the United States Donald trump.

About it reports The Independent.

In the story, which appeared in the YouTube video, Santa Claus mistakenly sends the naughty list a new Zealand schoolboy. Seeing his name and the names of the friends in the list of the guilty, the boy decides to collect children from around the world at the “international summit of naughty children.”

The representative of the United States arrives for a meeting in a red cap with the inscription Make Christmas Great Again (“Return Christmas to its former greatness”) in the style of the caps Donald trump’s Make America Great Again (“we will Return America to its former greatness”).

During the summit, to return to the list of “good children”, the delegates in turn promise to do good upon return to their country. The American boy starts his speech by saying that he was “not disobedient and generally the nicest person he knows”. In this stage Air New Zealand is making a reference to trump’s appearance at the UN General Assembly, which took place in September.

With the promise of a child from New Zealand “to be kinder to Australia’s” good deeds “outweigh” disobedience, and the children celebrate their victory.

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