New suspect in the case Gandzyuk will prevent the disclosure of the crime – expert

Новый подозреваемый в деле Гандзюк сделает невозможным раскрытие преступления – эксперт

New suspect in the case of the activist Catherine Gandzyuk, a convenient scheme by which the disclosure of the crime becomes impossible.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political analyst Kirill Molchanov.

“The new suspect in the case Gandzyuk is a very convenient scheme. The designated organizer of the murder, who resides in the territory of Ukraine. Accordingly, all the wiser. To go to customers of the crimes in this scheme is impossible. For the foreseeable future no one in Ukraine will not deliver. It will completely bury the investigation. In the end, it Gandzyuk will remain unsolved, as the case Sheremet, Elder and so forth,” – said K. Molchanov.

According to him, hopes remain for a parliamentary Commission, which is investigating and will propose some alternatives and proposing a theory, the motives of this murder and scripts.

“The new suspect in the case Gandzyuk – nail, who scored the whole investigation. Hope that Lutsenko someone is caught and jailed – is futile because of his activities on the post of Prosecutor General”,- concluded K. Molchanov.

Recall that in the case of a deadly attack on social activist from Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk declared another suspect.

This was stated by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko during a press-conference in Odessa.

“As a result, today announced another very important suspicion citizen Levin, who is known in the criminal world by nickname “Moskal Jr.”. This man was convicted along with his father, father for life, and his son, Levin – up to 15 years”, – said Lutsenko.

He added that Levin was convicted of organizing the murders and robberies in the Kherson region for drivers on motorways. The total number of proved murders – 15.

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