New loan from the IMF on the economy of Ukraine is not enough: it is the money for the leveling of the balance of payments expert

Нового кредита МВФ на развитие экономики Украины не хватит: это деньги для выравнивания платежного баланса - эксперт

The size of the IMF loan for Ukraine to 2018, under which the Fund and the Ukrainian side in early October signed an agreement in the framework of stand by, only enough to pay debts. About the economic development of the Ukrainian state, the question was not even raised.

This was during the program “Right to vote” said a financial analyst, economist Alex Kush.

“Fund the loan throws Ukraine a lifeline drowning (in debt – ed.) the country to get the country to pay external debts. The time for the payment of debts to the IMF, which was issued in 2014. It was the best loans, although very “short” for Ukraine. And now the Ukrainian state has no funds to repay them. If we stop to pay them will be defaulted. But it will be very strange to look: as if doctor who for a long time and confidently treated a patient suddenly said that he’s flatlined,” says the expert.

According to the analyst Alexander of tabernacles, the IMF, seeing the deplorable financial condition of Ukraine, the translation of the next tranche of the stand-by program for $ 3.9 billion, the Fund will not re-nominate a number of requirements that earlier, Ukrainian officials had not been implemented.

“Not talking about serious issues – the introduction of a land market, the fight against corruption… although the IMF still will say that it’s important. But in fact, the IMF will put forward only two requirements – a change in tariffs (utilities) and the enforcement of fiscal discipline: this is, in particular, the adoption of the budget of 2019, the budget deficit will raise the issue of large-scale privatization. Ukraine will push to conduct large-scale privatization, and systemic unification of customs and fiscal services that the organisation could control the powerful cash flows. The IMF will these quasi-fiscal mechanisms to control. That is, this is the agenda Mwrra next 13 months”, – concluded the expert.

While the allocated amount from the IMF will not suffice for the economic development program of Ukraine, said A. Kusch. “It means for leveling the payment balance”, – the expert believes.

Earlier it was reported that in the period from 4 to 9 November 2018 team consisting of several experts of the International monetary Fund will visit Kiev for consultations on the draft budget for the year 2019. On Saturday said the IMF resident representative in Ukraine Jost Longman wrote EP.

“At the request of the authorities, a team consisting of a number of IMF experts will visit Kyiv in the period from 4 to 9 November for consultations on the draft budget for 2019 in the context of the recent agreements at the mission level of the Fund,” he said.

According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman, the draft state budget of Ukraine for the year 2019 will be accepted until 21 December.

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