New galaxies are similar to diamonds: a telescope “Hubble” made clear the

Новые галактики похожи на алмазы: телескоп «Хаббл» сделал четкий снимок

In a new photo taken by the Hubble space telescope, shows many galaxies, are formed, located in the constellation Pegasus at a distance of about 11000000000 light-years from Earth.

This was reported on the website of the organization.

8 Oct engineers Science Institute in Baltimore, Hubble space telescope was transferred into safe mode because of the broken gyro in the attitude control system.

Although the telescope can operate in one of a gyroscope, astronomers decided to try to remotely fix the machine. Scientists three weeks around the clock developed creative solutions to the problem, and after many trials and failures, they managed to unlock the immobilized gyro promotion of the device in orbit and methodical operation mode.

“It was an incredible Saga about the heroic efforts of a team of Hubble. Through this work, the telescope has resumed its full scientific abilities that will benefit the astronomical community and society for many more years,” said senior project Manager Jennifer Wiseman.

Note, the space telescope “Hubble” was launched into space in April 1990. For years of work in earth orbit apparatus accumulated and transmitted to Earth tens of terabytes of scientific data. In particular, observations made with the telescope, played a key role in the discovery of the accelerated expansion of the Universe.

Новые галактики похожи на алмазы: телескоп «Хаббл» сделал четкий снимок

We will remind, NASA has posted the first photo of Mars with a probe that recently
landed on the planet.

In 2016, the telescope “Hubble” photographed the galaxy NGC 2337. It is an irregular galaxy, as it has no clear form, and cannot be attributed to a particular type.

The galaxy itself was opened in 1877, French astronomer Edouard Stephan. The study of irregular galaxies allows astronomers to obtain important information about the evolution of galaxies and intergalactic interaction.

During the research, astronomers have discovered more than 250 small galaxies which existed in the interval from 600 to 900 million years after the Big Bang. The light from these galaxies has passed a journey of 12 billion years.

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