New details in the case of Manafort undermine the confidence of the American establishment to Poroshenko – analyst

Новые детали по делу Манафорта подрывают доверие американского истеблишмента к Порошенко - политолог

Information about the cooperation of American political strategist Paul Manafort with Petro Poroshenko during a election campaign in 2014, could undermine confidence in him from both Democrats and Republicans in the United States.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said political analyst Alexei Yakubina.

“The latest information about the cooperation between Manafort with the Ukrainian President says that American consultant was associated with top Ukrainian politicians of different camps for many years. And for our politicians it is no good means”, – said the analyst.

According to A. Yakubina, the statement of the former partner Manafort Rick gates that he in 2014 worked with Poroshenko (when his main competitor was Tymoshenko), with the aim of creating a negative image of Yulia Tymoshenko in the West, may we again return to the question of whether or not cooperated if Manafort in the same patterns with Poroshenko vs Tymoshenko.

“It’s a reminder of the cooperation Poroshenko Monforton will cause a lot of suspicion in the democratic camp USA. Because before that Poroshenko has actively cooperated with the camp of Hillary Clinton,” – said the expert.

A. Yakubina stressed that since the Democrats are in a state of combat readiness, Poroshenko may lose the trust of their camp. But is unlikely to gain the confidence of the Republicans. In particular, focused on trump.

“Thus, for Poroshenko, this is a dangerous situation and thus he may lose the support of the Clinton – oriented Democrats,” said the analyst.

In addition, Donald trump and White house is is once again a reminder that the Ukrainian politicians on the side of Clinton tried to use the so-called “black book” of the “Party of regions”. Because of this, Trump had to fire Manafort in the midst of the election campaign.

“Therefore, the new information that appears might undermine the relationship of trust Poroshenko part of the American establishment,” noted the expert.

He also reminded that in the USA there are elections and the lower house of Congress will be completely re-elected. Also will be re-elected part of the Senate and the governors part in some 17 States. Therefore, any details that will appear in P. Manafort will be used in the context of the American election campaign.

“Therefore, we may be subject to influence American elections of other countries, not just Russia. And there may even be a Ukraine. Prior to that, trump this detail mentioned in passing. But it is possible that trump, attempting to take the topic of foreign influence on American elections, may transfer the charges from Russia to Ukraine”, – summed A. Yakubina.

We will remind that earlier, on August 7, during interrogation, the court said a key witness and former partner of Manafort Rick gates announced that the company Paul Manafort in 2014 worked for the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Gates said that after the flight of Yanukovych payments Manufactu “significantly reduced”. However, he clarified that the controversial political consultant continued to work in Ukraine.

DMP International, which belonged to Manafort and gates, advised the Opposition bloc in the parliamentary elections in October 2014.

In addition, the same company, according to gates, collaborated with Petro Poroshenko in 2014. Details of this cooperation, gates did not name, saying only that the services have not been paid in full.

The next day, August 8, the strategist of the President of Petro Poroshenko, people’s Deputy Igor gryniv confirmed that in 2014, met with Manafort about cooperation.

“Manafort tried to offer its services and its strategy for the campaign Poroshenko. I met him then (2014 – up) and listened to his strategy, but these three-hour conversation with him is over,” he said.

He suggested that information on cooperation with other Ukrainian politicians, in addition to ex-President Viktor Yanukovych’s defense lawyers Manafort on the court to American perceived not only as a strategist fugitive Yanukovych, and as a consultant, able to work with representatives of different factions.

According to Geneva, Manafort really wanted to cooperate with Poroshenko and prepared for it. In particular, at the meeting he came with studies, sociology.

“Manafort did not understand that the country after Maidan has changed,” – said the strategist of the President.

Also, the MP added that the proposals of the American political consultant was more suitable for the strategy of 2009-2010, but not for the post-revolutionary period in 2014.

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