New “bug”: In the most expensive iPhone found a problem with video playback

Новый «глюк»: В самом дорогом iPhone нашли проблему с воспроизведением видео

Owners of top-end iPhone with Reddit noticed a strange glitch. If you record on the iPhone XS Max video and watch it in the embedded player, the phone restarts.

It is reported Life.

It turned out that if to write down on smartphone video in 4K resolution and then try to enlarge the picture during playback, the machine will restart. This problem exists out of the box, that is iOS 12, the default on the iPhone XS Max. To correct the bug, just update to the current iOS 12.0.1.

Experts believe that this bug is associated with overload of the processor, which for some reason cannot handle high resolution videos. Recall that the iPhone XS Max in the minimum configuration is 96 990 rubles, in the top — 127 990 rubles.

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