Netflix screens George Orwell’s Animal Farm

Netflix screens George Orwell's Animal Farm
Netflix screens George Orwell’s Animal Farm

The company has already bought the rights to the production of the story. When the shooting begins it is still unknown.
The Netflix streaming service screens the famous anti-utopia of George Orwell. The adaptation director will be Andy Serkis. Previously, he removed Mowgli for the company and played the role of Gollum in the films Lord of the Rings.

Serkis admitted that he wanted to adapt the Animal Farm to TV in 2012, but the company bought rights only now. The story is likely to be shot in the form of a series. Previously, Google and Netflix called a homeless person to work

The producer of the film will be Matt Reeves. The specialist already worked with Serkis over the Planet of the Apes.

The story Animal Farm George Orwell wrote in 1945. The author claimed that this was an allegory for the revolution of 1917 and the rise of Stalin’s power. The protagonists of the story are the animals who organized the revolution and left the people.

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