Negotiations of Britain with the EU Brexit has stalled – Reuters – news ZIK.UA

The negotiations of great Britain with the European Union at an impasse, after the EU rejected the proposal of the British Prime Minister.

This was stated by Prime Minister Theresa may, reports Reuters.

Переговори Британії з ЄС щодо Brexit зайшли в глухий кут, - Reuters – новини ZIK.UA

It is noted that at the summit in Austria on 20 September, the EU leaders said that next month they will insist on the agreement Brexit, but rejected the plan for may.

During the summit in Austria on Thursday, EU leaders rejected the plan “chessboard” of the Prime Minister, saying that she needed to provide the Foundation for trade and customs arrangements on the border of Britain with Ireland.

“Throughout this process I regarded the EU only with respect,” said may. “The UK waiting for the same thing. Depends on good relations at the end of this process.”

However, may said that the plan “chessboard” in terms of trade with the EU, which would address arguments on the border of Northern Ireland with the Irish Republic, was the only way. The leaders of the EU in Salzburg, in turn, repeated the idea that the plans could undermine their cherished single market.

After the summit, EU leaders said they would work on the agreement next month, but both sides warned that there will be no deal without/with plan may.

“It is not acceptable simply to abandon the proposals of the other party without further explanation and counter-offers. We need to hear from the EU what are the real problems of their alternative, so we can discuss them. Until we do this, we will not be able to make progress,” stressed the Prime Minister of Britain.

Translated By I. Filipa.

As previously reported, after Brexit, Britain plans to sign EU Association agreement on Ukrainian of manners.

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