National health insurance will provide adequate treatment and salaries in the medical expert

Общегосударственное медицинское страхование обеспечит достойное лечение и зарплаты медикам - эксперт

The idea of cooperation between the state and private business that was offered the health Ministry is not new, but the main question is that what means citizens will pay for their treatment.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA Chairman of the Free trade Union of medical workers of Ukraine Oleg Panasenko.

“This idea is implemented in Ukraine for a long time. And, apparently, the Ministry of health decided to speed up the process. But the main question is, for what money in the state medical institution for any money will come to them citizens and restore”, – said the expert,” – said the expert.

In addition, O. Panasenko recalled that the Free trade Union of medical workers of Ukraine repeatedly raised and now raises the question of what data is sufficient.

“Must be provided legal legislative mechanisms specific to each physician good wages and opportunity for every citizen to make payment to physicians,” – said the head of the Union.

According to O. Panasenko, the one and only true movement is the national mandatory social health insurance, able to fulfill the conditions of the high salaries of physicians and the level of patient care.

“Neither the national health service nor the Cabinet, is not able at the present time to create all the necessary conditions. Since the law about the state financial guarantees for providing medical care contributes to the concentration in the hands of budget funds allocated for health care,” he said.

But, according to the expert, even that is not enough for all Ukrainians, to ensure quality health care.

“On the website of the Verkhovna Rada has registered three draft laws, which provide a single legitimate medical protocols for each disease. Not what offers Suprun, which offers to register 25 sites where you can choose which Protocol is more like it,” said the medic.

Because, according to the head of the Union, when the single Protocol that will examine, diagnose and treat patients, after the treatment, the insurance agent can evaluate every penny spent on treatment.

“And what about the frauds and thefts for the money there can be. Will not wash and do not steal. A medicine will provide full transparency of all financial transactions. The adoption of the law on mandatory state social health insurance”, – concluded O. Panasenko.

We will remind as reported the press service of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, before the end of the year it is planned to define pilot projects in the regions and a clear algorithm of a public-private partnership for business.

The Ministry of health indicate that more than 50% of the projects of public-private partnerships, which today are served for consideration of the Ministry of economic development – the projects in the health sector.

“A new model of healthcare in Ukraine, which is currently implementing the Ministry of health of Ukraine, is attractive for business and investment. On the other hand, the government always requires additional financial resources. Autonomy of medical institutions and the transition to a new quality level of medical services requires a new modern equipment, comfortable conditions for patients and the like. That is why public-private partnerships in the health care system of Ukraine is now more relevant than ever,” said Deputy Minister Roman Ilyk.

According to him, transition to the new funding model – pay for the patient to adapt and implement in Ukraine the world experience of public-private partnerships.

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