National Bank set the official rate at 27.97 hryvnia per dollar

НБУ установил официальный курс на уровне 27,97 гривен за доллар

Today, December 6, the national Bank of Ukraine has set the official rate of 27,97 UAH/USD.

This was reported on the website of the national regulator.

Thus, according to information provided by the national Bank of Ukraine, the basic exchange rate on December 6 has been set at a level:

27.975656 UAH per dollar;

31.763560 UAH per Euro;

0.418650 UAH to Russian ruble;

35.735568 UAH per pound.

Compared to 5 December, the exchange rate of all currencies.

Also, yesterday, December 5, the NBU set the official exchange rate at the level 28,12 UAH/USD.

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