Natalia Mogilevskaya told me what she is like in her old age

The famous Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilevskaya on her page in Instagram has posted a bright photo in a dance dress, and in the caption of the photo she told about what she thinks she will be in old age: “How do I see myself in old age?” A cheerful old woman with manicured fingers , which will continue to take new heights, I will compete with Nadia Dorofeeva’s daughter in “Dancing with the Stars-2075.” I’m sure – 80’s life is just beginning! “.

In the meantime, Natalia is not getting old. The singer is actively engaged in sports, publishes bright photos in social networks and performs at concerts.

“It’s too early, Natalie, to think about old age!”, “It’s right, stay the way you are”, “Humor, this is also wisdom.” As you planned it will be. “Good luck !!!”, “Natasha, you are a super woman you’ll never be old! “,” With such thoughts and temperament, old age does not come, but retreats, and then turns around and leaves, “the singer’s fans wrote in the comments.

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