NASA was unable to launch sun probe Parker worth $ 1.5 billion

NASA не смогло запустить солнечный зонд Parker стоимостью 1,5 миллиарда долларов

Agency NASA has postponed for a day the launch of the Delta IV Heavy rocket with solar probe Parker, which was to be launched from Cape Canaveral today.

It is reported by NASA.

First, the start time was moved from 10:53 to 11:28 using the system test transmission from the ship to the Ground. Later NASA announced the shortage of time until the end of the start screen.

Recall, the National aeronautic and space USA (NASA) will launch the solar probe Solar Probe Parker.

The probe needs to fly at a record close distance from the star and to investigate the processes occurring on the border of the corona of the Sun and atmosphere.

On Board the probe Parker has installed special equipment for measuring electromagnetic field strength of the Sun and determine the nature of the particles emitted by the star. Such a study will allow scientists to answer questions about the interaction of the solar corona from the photosphere, the upper layer of the Sun, and understand how the emerging and dispersed particles of the solar wind.

It is planned that a pilot plant will reach a stable orbit of the Sun in the end of 2024 and close to the stellar surface at a distance of 6.4 million km is 7 times closer than previously possible with other machines.

The probe, which spent about $ 1.5 billion, will be within the corona of the Sun where the temperature reaches 500 thousand Kelvin.

We will remind that earlier in NASA announced the names of the astronauts for the missions, SpaceX and Boeing.

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