NASA unveiled the recording of wind noise on Mars – news ZIK.UA

The us space Agency NASA has published a recording of the noise of the wind on Mars.

Seismograph and pressure sensors of the spacecraft InSight that in late November, successfully landed on the red planet, recorded by a vibration of the wind speed which ranged from 16 to 24 kilometres per hour, – up.

Sound frequency is in the lower range of human hearing, that is, he is too much bass, so NASA experts have improved the frequency two octaves below the sound could be heard on mobile devices.

With the same purpose, the indications of the pressure transducers was amplified 100 times.

Sound recommended to listen to audio with a subwoofer or headphones.

As reported InSight spacecraft landed on the surface Марса26 Nov.

During the expedition, the machine will bore through the surface to the depth of 5 meters to measure the internal heat and monitor possible earthquakes. Anything like this before on Mars did.

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