Named the sexiest man of the year

Назван самый сексуальный мужчина года

People magazine has named the sexiest men in 2018. It is 46-year-old British actor Idris Alba (famous for the films “Luther” and “the Dark tower”).

It is reported People magazine.

In an interview the actor admitted that at first did not believe it. “When I said this, I thought,” “well, can’t be! Seriously?” Then he looked at himself in the mirror and noted that today is pretty hot. But honestly, it’s just a nice feeling and a nice surprise, which will definitely strengthen my self-esteem,” said Alba.

In 2019, viewers will see the actor in the blockbuster “Hobbs and the Show,” in which he got the role of the main villain.

A year ago, People magazine named the sexiest man 41-year-old American country singer Blake Shelton who’s Dating Gwen Stefani.

Note that in 2016 the most desirable man on the planet has named 44-year-old Dwayne Johnson. He received the title of David Beckham. A few years ago, the magazine named the sexiest Adam Levine, who at the time was known only in America.

Also, earlier it was reported that British actor Daniel Craig, who played James in the movie “Casino “Royale”, “quantum of solace”, “007: Coordinates “Skyfall”, “007: Spectrum”, shocked fans with his appearance. The legendary actor was photographed at the airport together with 48-year-old wife Rachel Weisz, star of the film “the Mummy” two-month-old daughter, who was born on 1 September this year.

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