My mistake: in Google Maps, a swastika (PHOTO)

Ошибочка вышла: в Google Maps появилась свастика (ФОТО)

In several cities of different countries on Google Maps, a swastika.

According to Reporter, this is reported by app users.

A badge with a swastika on Google maps were marked all the hotels, motels and hostels. The symbol of the outrage of users. Some write that even could not believe their eyes.

Google explained that the icon of the swastika, counterclockwise, denote Buddhist temples. The icon appeared over hotels as a result of failure of the program. On a fix already working.

In Buddhism, the swastika, counterclockwise, is associated with perfection. Also the swastika is inherent in the cultures of the ancient Slavs and Indians. Due to the use of these characters by the Third Reich during the war, the swastika began to be associated with the Nazis.

Earlier in Nikolaev the elderly woman drew swastikas on the monument to the border guards.

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