Murder Zakharchenko: the Suspect revealed details of the attack and said communication with the SBU

Убийство Захарченко: Подозреваемый раскрыл детали теракта и заявил о связи с СБУ

Published by the Ministry Gosbezopasnosti “DNR” video of the interrogation of a suspect in the assassination of Alexander Zakharchenko calls himself Alexander Pogorelov. According to him, the order to “remove the head of DNR” received from the SBU, which he was allegedly recruited.

It is reported Vladim.

Pogorelov during interrogation, revealed some details of the attack. He said that during the meeting, the organizers of the murder Zakharchenko discussed, where most often the head of “Republic”, eventually came to the conclusion that Zakharchenko keeps going to the school “Pushkin” (or “Separable” – ed.).

The man said that the bomb had to be placed in the toilet of the restaurant because no one knew what table sit Alexander Zakharchenko.

Pogorelov also announced the testing of an explosive device. Also questioned admitted that the bomb had not been used, the SBU, it was transferred to Ukraine U.S. intelligence agencies.

Earlier, the military expert Alexander Zhilin said that the US authorities, which took control of Ukraine, ordered to liquidate the head of the DNI. According to experts, the Ukrainian territory to Washington as a base for the covert war with Russia. Subversive attacks, the American authorities used to open provocations, said Zhilin.

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