MP: after the Euromaidan, Ukraine has seen a tremendous decline in the economy

Депутат: после Евромайдана в Украине наблюдается колоссальный спад экономики

The decline in production volumes, the decline of pensions in dollar terms and a huge increase of inflation are the economic results for 5 years.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Matvienko.

“Let’s take the results of the economic life of our country and see what has changed in 5 years. Let’s not talk about lofty matters. Let’s take a particular theme. Retired. We really see the decline of pensions in relation to the dollar equivalent. And the cost of food (bread, meat, dairy products, and so on), then the inflation rate was 100%,” – said the Deputy.

According to S. Matvienkov, this growth of wages and pensions we have received. This is by far.

“The fact that we are in the economy received a drop in output and that we broke some kind of connection, unfortunately, it really is. That we got the increase in utility tariffs significantly, it is also a fact. Increased prices for essential items such as medicines, food, clothes – it is also a fact. If to discard emotions, in the end, we got a deterioration of life. It’s like somebody or not, but it is, unfortunately, true. As for any political aspects of freedom of speech and so on, each has its own assessment. I don’t see any significant improvements in the freedom of speech or the press, any other other points. Unfortunately, it is also so,” he said.

As earlier reported, Ukraine has celebrated the 5 anniversary of the Maidan events, which was a turning point in political and economic life of Ukraine.

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