MP about the law on national Security: a chance to join NATO Ukraine has long missed

Депутат про закон о Нацбезопасности: шанс вступить в НАТО Украина давно упустила

NATO openly suggests that he sees in his part of Ukraine in the next 20-25 years.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Taruta.

“I believe that real national security, the law is irrelevant. In addition, which again gives more powers to the national security Council and security forces. It contradicts both the Declaration of independence, the main document by which Ukraine gained sovereignty and the principles on which then split all of our Republic and became a state. That was the original agreement. Moreover, it has been voted the Ukrainian people. His opinion is fundamental. Because any government elected by the people, it should work for the people and should reflect his opinion. He had never asked. Now, in fact: when we say the Budapest Memorandum and all the rest, only one truth is not said that it was also based on the principle of neutrality. When we started to raise the issue of NATO and all that, we are immediately violated the basic framework of this Memorandum,” – said the Deputy.

According to S. Taruta, about it nobody speaks because it is not fashionable because it does not want to hear the current government.

“I’m for that we were, perhaps in NATO, but that chance is long lost. When was Kuchma and scandal in relation to Gongadze and then, unfortunately, our European and NATO personified attitude to Kuchma and this affected the Ukrainian people. Now the train has gone and talking about it openly, the NATO – sure, in the next 20-25 years we don’t see you there. It is very important that regarding economic security, the act does not say anything. It all starts with the economy. A rich country able to defend itself, having a strong armed forces with reliable partners. About it it is told nothing. Therefore, the law is not for the people and does not reflect its interests,” he said.

We will remind that on June 21, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in the second reading the bill on the national security of Ukraine (№8068). “For” voted 248 deputies.

The law defines principles of state policy in the sphere of national security and defense. Among the fundamental national interests of Ukraine called Ukraine’s integration into European political, economic, legal space in the sphere of security; membership in the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; the development of equal and mutually beneficial relations with other States. Also, the law States that threats to Ukraine’s national security and related priorities of the state policy in the sphere of national security and defence are defined in the national security Strategy of Ukraine, the Strategy of military security of Ukraine, the Strategy of cyber security of Ukraine, other documents on issues of national security and defense, which were approved by the Council of national security and defense and approved by decrees of the President of Ukraine.

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