Modern Ukraine can be compared with Germany on the eve of the coming to power of Hitler – Simonenko

Современную Украину можно сравнить с Германией в канун прихода к власти Гитлера - Симоненко

In Ukraine in recent years have increasingly seen the nationalism in the extreme form of neo-Nazism and neo-fascism. But it is a fact that after the coup in 2014, came to power right-wing radicals, and the population is rapidly impoverished.

This was during the European forum in Bilbao (Spain) said the leader of the leader of the Left forces of Ukraine Petro Symonenko.

“The situation of deepening of disintegration and chaos, a permanent fall in living standards (over the last four years, given the collapse of the hryvnia and a sharp rise in prices and tariffs fell by more than three times) creates in people the desire to receive simple recipes for a quick exit from a crisis situation. And nationalism in its extreme forms – neo-Nazism and neo-fascism – offers such recipes. This in turn promotes strengthening of the nationalist, neo-Nazi sentiments and organizations in Ukraine, especially against the background of deepest social degradation of the population”, – said P. Symonenko.

But it’s not necessary to be surprised. For example, the speaker of Parliament Parubiy is the founder of the Nazi party and an admirer of Hitler’s regime, as the standard of “direct democracy”. President Poroshenko inaugurated the book forum, where one of the main events was the presentation of a book glorifying the Ukrainian volunteers who served in part of the 5th SS Panzer division “Viking”.

It is not surprising that in the national guard and APU present nationalist divisions, openly uses the symbols of the Third Reich and the chevrons that adorn the insignia of SS divisions and punitive units such as, for example, the “Dirlewanger”.

At the same time the heroes of Ukraine ranked warriors of the SS division “Galicia” battalion “Nachtigall” and other paramilitary formations, fought on the side of Nazi Germany and the “distinguished” mass destruction of civilians on the territory of Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Belarus.

“In addition, we must not forget that the people’s deputies of Ukraine are such notorious Nazis and racists, as “the leader” of the party “national body” Andriy Biletsky, the leader of “Right sector” Dmitry Yarosh and many of their cronies in the Parliament and the government, local authorities and administration, in the diplomatic and international missions of Ukraine abroad, including the UN and the delegation of Ukraine in PACE,” – said the leader of the Left.

In this sense, the situation in today’s Ukraine, it is legitimate to compare with the situation in Weimar Germany on the eve of Hitler’s rise to power, said P. Symonenko.

We will remind, today, on 9 November, in Bilbao (Spain) the second European Forum of left, green and progressive forces, which will be attended by the leader of the Ukrainian Communists Peter Simonenko.

European Forum of left forces, the so-called Marseilles Forum, organized by the President of the European left party, Gysi.

In comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA Petro Symonenko stressed that the Forum participants plan to discuss problems of migration, labour movement, social protection, rights of citizens to employment, peace. In fact, it will be about finding ways to limit the appetite of capital, and through the use of economic opportunities be made more equitable distribution of wealth.

It is worth Recalling that at the time, the European left said that it was the need to create common leftist forces Europe Forum, which would be attended by representatives of leftist parties, trade unions, social organizations, civil organizations and left-wing intellectuals who are opposed to the current course of the EU, at the same time calling to fight the far-right nationalist danger.

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