Minute retro: how the friendship of Princess Diana and Camilla Parker-Bowles turned into a rivalry

Minute retro: how the friendship of Princess Diana and Camilla Parker-Bowles turned into a rivalry
Minute retro: how the friendship of Princess Diana and Camilla Parker-Bowles turned into a rivalry
Camille, the Duchess of Cornwall, is still blamed for the divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The late Princess of Wales, a few years before the tragic death, spoke in an interview about the role of a rival in the collapse of her family life. It’s hard to believe, but initially these two women were girlfriends.

The biographer of the Duchess of Camilla, Penny Junor, claims that Lady Diane Spencer was a frequent visitor to Camille’s country house and her first husband Andrew Parker-Bowles when he began to meet with the heir to the throne. Women enjoyed each other’s company, and Diana, according to Junor, liked to help Camille with her young children, Tom and Laura.

Prior to the official announcement of the engagement, Camille accompanied Diana in a friendly manner at the hippodrome in Shropshire, where they watched the competition in which Prince Charles participated.

Later, the future couple moved to Clarence House. As later, Lady Dee Morton, author of the book “Diana: Her True Story”, told her there was a note from Camilla on her bed – in it Parker-Bowles offered to have lunch together. Subsequently, Diane said that Camille used this meeting to find out when she could see Charles after the wedding.

As biographers write, after the engagement, Diana began to distrust her new friend. Morton notes that the prince’s bride was upset by his decision to give Camille a bracelet engraved with the letters G and F. This happened just before the wedding.

Penny Junor talked about another episode that hurt Diana. During the honeymoon of the newlyweds from the diary of the prince, Camille’s photograph accidentally fell out.

The first years of the marriage of Prince and Princess of Wales Camille Parker-Bowles stayed away from the activities that they attended. According to sources, in the 80s, Diana no longer doubted that her husband’s romance with Camille was continuing. In 1989, rivals met face to face at the birthday of Sister Camilla. Lady Di said in an interview with Morton that Charles and his friends were very surprised to see her among the guests. On the holiday, Diana told Camilla that she knew about her relationship with Charles. Parker-Bowles in response, noticed that the princess has beautiful children, the society adores her – so what else does she want?

I want my husband,
Answered Diana.

Both women were shocked by this meeting, and after it for a long time did not intersect. Their relationship became public in the 1990s, when the divorce of the heir to the British throne was approaching, and Diana recounted in her interview about her marriage. In 1995, in an interview with Martin Bashir, she said the famous phrase:

We were three in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.

They say that after the divorce, the relationship between Diana and Charles became a little less tense, but she did not reconcile with Camilla.

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