Meteorites, the cold and the death of humanity: the Girl-the diviner made a terrible forecast to 2018

Метеориты, холод и гибель человечества: Девочка-прорицатель сделала ужасный прогноз на 2018 год

Girl-Indigo from Chita said that the Earth expect a strong upheavals in 2018. Alexander, the name of the child, saw in a dream that the Earth will fall meteorites, which will begin irreversible climate change. Will start cold.

It is reported КР24.

It was from the cold would begin to die people, I’m sure the girl is Indigo. And people need to pray that our souls be delivered from evil. According to her, the only kind of people God will save. A similar prediction was made Wang famous in the 90-ies. The seer was sure that escape from natural disasters, only good people.

The same thoughts were and Mayan tribes. Their record suggests that strong natural disasters will trigger the beginning of a new era of White Light. This will contribute to Children of the White Jaguar (children, Indigo).

Words girls can be perceived as a warning and to be kinder.

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