Meteodependent people should closely monitor weather forecasts and take preventive measures medical

Метеозависимым людям стоит внимательно следить за прогнозами погоды и заранее принимать меры – медик

During the autumn the weather changes significantly frequent complaints about the deterioration of health, because the expert is recommended to monitor fluctuations in the weather and to promptly take protective measures in advance.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

“When the pressure changes outside, it acts directly on the human body, hence poor health. Healthy people simply do not feel in the presence of atherosclerosis, especially if their tone is broken, any change is painful experienced. Even more dangerous if disturbed blood circulation, such as atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis, high cholesterol, back problems and spine. All this leads to the outflow of blood from the brain, that is actually the brain does not receive the necessary support, causing the pressure inside the skull is broken, and we feel headache.

Not less of a problem provokes and high humidity – because of this, the broken skin breathing” – said the doctor.

To cope with hypoxia will help daily consumption of Linden tea, if unpleasant symptoms do not leave you for a few days – it makes sense to consult a specialist, quite possibly, it’s the call of the body for help.

The medic also warned that changes in temperature and pressure, dangerous for people in age and for toddlers, the body is still not fully adapted to external conditions. Because these categories of citizens especially need to take care of their health – first and foremost, a good night’s sleep, give up bad habits, not to overeat, but to enrich your diet a variety of vitamin products.

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