Medic: In the season of influenza and SARS, support the immune system will help the greens and seaweed

Медик: В сезон гриппа и ОРВИ поддержать иммунитет помогут зелень и морские водоросли

On the eve of the season, mass flu and SARS, it is important to provide the body with a full range of vitamins and minerals to protect from diseases. Especially a lot of them is contained in greens and seaweed.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

According to the specialist, in order to provide the body with the full spectrum of all essential vitamins and minerals, it is necessary to include in the daily menu as much as possible of plant food. But the problem is that most of the vegetables and fruits collected in late summer or early fall, has lost some valuable minerals.

“Part of vitamins is lost due to incorrect processing or incorrect storage or transport conditions for fruits and vegetables. Because, of course, more useful if you can process and store the fresh vegetables from his site.

Note: a huge number of vitamins and minerals contained in greens. But not in the store, which is down already in storage for several months, and not in the greenhouse, which can sometimes be more trouble than good. In fact, there is nothing easier than to grow herbs yourself – right on the windowsill – so you’ll be sure to eat a natural product without any “meanness.” By the way, onions may not grow, but some bulbs (ideally with a “protezavimo” sprouts) to supply water and periodically change it. After a week you will have the first green feathers,” says the doctor.

A real boon for those who care about the health of your family is kelp, or as we usually called seaweed, and nori seaweed (they are familiar to us, mostly sushi and rolls). Unlike most seafood, passing the heat treatment, freezing etc, algae are a more gentle treatment, due to which retain a significantly greater amount of nutrients.

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