May inform the Parliament of Britain that the agreement on Brexit ready 95% – news ZIK.UA

Мей повідомить у парламенті Британії, що угода про Brexit готова на 95% – новини ZIK.UA

Prime Minister Theresa may will tell MPs on Monday that negotiations with the EU Brexit” completed “95 percent”.

It is reported “European true” with reference to Deutsche Welle.

According to the statement released before her speech, may try to emphasize that over the last three weeks of negotiations, significant progress has been made.

She tells the British Parliament, London and Brussels reached agreement on a number of important issues, ranging from Gibraltar to future cooperation in the field of security.

“Taking all this together, 95 percent of the Agreement on output and its protocols have now been resolved,” – says Mae.

However, the question of the border between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, remains a critical agreement. Both sides want to avoid a hard boundary. However, London and Brussels have so far failed to achieve real solutions.

We will remind, in the weekend more than half a million people took part in demonstrations in London with the requirement to hold a second referendum on Brexit.

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