Marriage harms the health of women study

Замужество вредит здоровью женщин - исследование

Marriage affects women’s health. This was reported by scientists from the Ohio state University.

The study is published in the journal of Health and Social Behavior, reports Today.

During the study, researchers interviewed 45 heterosexual and homosexual couples in Massachusetts (where in 2004, legalized same-sex marriage) middle-aged and elderly, with particular attention to how partners care about the health of each other.

The study revealed that the health of heterosexual women suffering in marriage is more likely compared to heterosexual men and homosexual couples. It was found that most care about health of each other same-sex spouses.

During the interview, many of them thanked her lover for taking care of timely attention partner who notices the symptoms of cancer, saved some of their lives. In heterosexual couples, women have cared for men’s health. Men are not only not interested in the health of the wife and her complaints of feeling, but also trying to give up going to the doctor, to which women tried to persuade them.

At the same time it became clear that in some cases men still insisted that his wife went to the doctor. That’s just the reason is not the feelings for the health of the spouses, and the unwillingness to listen to her complaints.

This difference in relation to heterosexual spouses to the health of each other professionals associated with the fact that men feel invincible and believe that they ought not to complain of their health and go to doctors. Women, on the other hand, believe that health care partner, it is their duty. However, this view of the problem does not explain the concern of the partners about each other in gay relationships.

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