Mariya Muzychuk in the 1/4 final of the 2018 world Cup chess. Anna Muzychuk – play tie-break – news ZIK.UA

Марія Музичук – у 1/4 фіналу ЧС-2018 з шахів. Анна Музичук – гратиме тай-брейк – новини ZIK.UA

In Khanty-Mansiysk, where the 2018 world Cup on chess among women, today, November 10, was played two classic games of 1/8 finals.

For graduates of the Lviv state University of physical culture – sisters Anna and Maria Muzychuk – party with their participation ended with the opposite result: Maria won and advanced to the quarterfinals, but Anna lost and will now play a tie-break to join her younger sister, the official website RGUFK.

Mariya Muzychuk yesterday, in the first set against 18-year-old Moby Alysa from Iran, only through luck in the form of children’s errors of the opponent, which led to the eternal Shah, managed with the black pieces to draw. Today muzichuk Jr. clearly proved that she really knows how to play chess and not just rely on luck. Galichanka in the second game of the match has successfully implemented the so-called advantage white, was forced to capitulate Mobo and thereby, winning the confrontation with a score of 1.5:0.5, took place in the quarter-final stage of the struggle for the chess crown.

Frankly, in Ukraine everything is much more worried about Maria Muzychuk than her older sister Anna, who until today played in Khanty-Mansiysk five games and won all of them. Could not resist yesterday before the second-eldest and former world champion the Bulgarian Antoaneta Stefanova. Anna, you can tell the class proved that they now have sahastrara slightly different skill level. Therefore, there is little doubt that after yesterday’s convincing victory white, today Ukrainian without excessive force will bring the matter to a General victory in the match. Unfortunately, did not happen as was thought.

Марія Музичук – у 1/4 фіналу ЧС-2018 з шахів. Анна Музичук – гратиме тай-брейк – новини ZIK.UA

Antoinette immediately made it clear that just like that, without serious resistance it to the quarterfinal will not give up. As a result, in a protracted struggle Stefanova has pulled out a victory, thus concluding match of two classic games in a draw with the score 1:1. So now Anna and Antoinette question, which of them will continue competing in the global forum, will decide tomorrow on a tie-break: first, will play two games with time control 25 minutes + 10 seconds per move, starting from the first one. Further, when the equilibrium continues, the opponents will have to wait two games with time control 10 minutes + 10 seconds per move and two games with time control 5 minutes + 3 seconds per move. If the account is, as before, will be equal, it will take Armageddon: white 5 minutes, black 4 minutes, add 3 seconds after the 61st running).

Add that in addition to Maria muzichuk a ticket to the quarterfinals after two games have only won the current world champion, the Chinese player Ju Wenjun, who in the confrontation with his compatriot Zhai Mo, won yesterday black, today, eliminating any risk drew with white and won the overall victory in the match with a score of 1.5:0.5. In the remaining six pairs, while a 1:1 draw ahead of tomorrow tie-break, which will begin at 12:00 Kyiv time.

To your attention the results of all games of the 1/8 finals of the 2018 world Cup:

Zhai Mo (China) – Ju Wenjun (China) – 0:1, 0.5:0.5

Zavadska Jolanta (Poland) – Zhansaya Abdumalik (Kazakhstan) Is 1:0, 0:1

Natalia Pogonina (Russia) – Kateryna Lahno (Russia) Is 0.5:0.5, 0.5:0.5

Anna Muzychuk (Ukraine), Antoaneta Stefanova (Bulgaria) – 1:0, 0:1

Dronavalli Harika (India) – Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia) – 0.5:0.5, 0.5:0.5

Alisa Galliamova (Russia) – Lay TNCs (China) Is 0.5:0.5, 0.5:0.5

Moby Alysa (Iran) – Maria Muzychuk (Ukraine) Is 0.5:0.5, 0:1

Goreham Thrgouh (Uzbekistan) – Valentine Gunna (Russia) – 1:0, 0:1

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